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Relentless CMX provides Wi-Fi analytics through in place Wi-Fi networks.

This enables businesses in verticals such as Retail, Hospitality & Advertising to better understand how their customers use their premises and services allowing for the identification of bottle necks & pain points before they affect their bottom line.

A simple to use, hassle free way to collect valuable marketing capital with little setup time & cost. By better understanding your customer your business can serve them better enhancing their customer experience.


Today’s retailers are in a unique position. They can connect, engage and measure, and refine the customer’s in-store experience.


The hospitality sector is increasingly concerned with protecting its bottom line. In an era of enhanced consumer awareness…


Brands and buyers want more and more accountability. Campaigns are being measured more stringently than ever before…

Cloud services products


Relentless School Backup

A possible Data loss or breach challenges every school. Our cloud backup meets it head on.

Data is the lifeblood of every educational establishment and there are countless ways to lose it. When workstations and servers fail or are breached, vital financials, records, or documentation are often lost to serious effect.
Relentless Backup protects file and folder data with both local and cloud backups. School data is kept safe and secure and can be downloaded as needed. Scheduling, monitoring and reporting delivered to your inbox will give you peace of mind.

We charge one price per site unlimited backups. Our competitors charge by the gigabyte which with the new data retention policies will add to your costs exponentially.


Relentless Technology for Schools

As you start the process of building new technologies into your professional development programme, you will have to be especially sensitive to teacher concerns around the use of technology and account for the different ways people embrace change. We recommend putting learning outcomes at the centre of the process and creating a space, away from the demands of performance management, for teachers to be creative, innovative and take some risks. We know you wouldn’t have chosen Relentless IT Solutions as a partner if you didn’t believe that empowered teachers are the key to your success.

You will need to use the technology for the right things at the right time to maximise its impact. This will also need to be tied to robust systems to measure the success of the programme and to inform clear pathways for its refinement and growth within the organisation.

Smart schools across the country are seeing significant impact from the successful implementation of our tools. We have every confidence that you will see these benefits too and hope that our 6 step strategy will be helpful on your journey of continuous improvement.


Relentless hardware as a service  (HaaS)

Allowing you to stretch your school budget by up to 40%

Relentless IT Solutions allows you  to teach students on the technologies that are erasing borders and shaping the world around them. All too often, though, budget constraints and cutbacks get in the way. Relentless Hardware as a Service  provides your school with everything you need to create a connected learning environment through one flexible subscription.


Relentless 5 day Remote Support backed by enterprise SLA

We dont sell IT support by the day which leaves you exposed for the remaining 4 days 

Relentless 5 day remote support and monitoring will support your school for the whole school week for less than the cost of traditional one day engineer on site. Our prices start at £8,999 per year with no additional call out fees.

With our remote monitoring software we proactively monitor your school network and server environments 24/7.

Robert is an exceptionally talented IT professional who is focused on achieving great results. A high level of integrity and a keen eye for detail is coupled with a creative and strategic mindset which provide a very versatile skill set. Having worked on a number of projects together, Robert had taken responsibility for a variety of operational functions and these responsibilities commanded execution with a high degree of accountability for delivery. Robert leverages his technical knowledge with easy to understand market positioning, and his inspiration has helped our technology to become embedded and recognized and I remain grateful for this collaboration.

Robert has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment to his work and I would not hesitate to recommend him.


Managing Director of Education and Training , Inspired Touch Technologies Ltd

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