5 Security Features Missing from Consumer-Grade File Sync

As a summary, here are the five security features that are missing from consumer-grade file sync:

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1.  Secure Sharing

While most consumer-grade file sync solutions allow users to create public share links for files and folders, users of business-grade file sync can add layers of security when sharing files and folders. Business-grade file sync allows users to set notifications on downloads, download limits, and expiration dates to prevent data from being disseminated inappropriately. Even more effective is the use of a “Secure Share,” which forces the recipient(s) to access the file and folder using credentials. If they are an existing user, they will use their credentials; if they are not an existing user, they will be prompted to create an account. Either way, the sender knows that the file or folder he shares is only being accessed by the intended recipient.

2.  Advanced Backup and Restore Functionality

Both file sync and backup involve keeping your data in two separate place; often, I like to think of file sync as the cool cousin of backup. A file sync product that offers backup and restore functionality is a double-whammy. A business-grade file sync solution should allow administrators to set backups for local directories, such as the “My Documents” or “My Pictures” folders. In this way, besides protecting all of the data that is already being synced, other directories outside of the synced folders can also be preserved within the business-grade file sync solution. If a file or folder is ever deleted, business owners can see deleted files and restore specific files or entire folder structures.

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3.  Mass Revision Rollback (Cryptolocker Restore)

Cryptolocker variants are alive and well. One feature that a business-grade file sync solution should offer is Mass Revision Rollback, also known as Cryptolocker Restore. Mass Revision Rollback allows a company to revert an entire folder to a point in time. How does this work in practice? If an employee’s laptop is hit with the cryptolocker virus at 10:35 a.m. and the computer is wiped by the ransomware, the administrator has the option to issue a “Mass Revision Rollback” to 10:15 a.m., right before the attacked happened. This ensures that companies do not have to pay the ransom to preserve their data and no file is lost if a ransomware attack or virus is executed.

4.  Two-Factor Authentication

Business-grade file sync services allow administrators to enforce two-factor authentication, which adds a method of authentication beyond password protection for users. When two-factor authentication is enabled, users will have to enter their password and are promoted to enter a token that is received via email or text message. While this feature may seem unnecessarily cumbersome, many businesses will take solace and benefit from users authenticating in two ways. Two-factor authentication eliminates the “single point of breach” that a password creates.

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5.  Remote Wipe

Remote wipe is one of the most used security features, which allows administrators to wipe entire users or specific devices of synced data. In the event that a device is lost or stolen or an employee quits or is terminated, an administrator can issue a remote wipe against a specific device. After the remote wipe is issued against a device, it will automatically be wiped of any synced data as soon as it connects to the internet. This is a powerful feature that ensures that data access is limited to the correct employees and corporate-approved devices.

File sync has the potential to be very powerful, but also very risky if it goes unmanaged and/or does not have the security features that a business needs. IT providers should deliver file sync solutions that empower clients’ users to be productive from anywhere and any device, provide rich administrative features, and help preserve the security of their clients’ data.Relentless File Sync is a business-grade file sync service designed for the IT channel, which was designed to be intuitive, easy to administer, and secure.

If you interested in learning more about the risks associated with consumer-grade file sync, how to expose these risks to clients, and how to position your own business-grade file sync solution, download the  a 8 ways to Boost Employee productivity guide filled at Relentless IT Solutions