• Products: Access to Relentless Backup, Relentless Cloud to Cloud backup, Relentless BDR, and Relentless File Sync and Relentless CMX
  • Model: Wholesale, monthly recurring service relationship, with month-to-month flexibility
  • Solutions: Partners can add business-grade file sync, cloud data protection, business continuity and BDR, to their managed services portfolio
  • Branding: All services are delivered private-label to the partner for individual, proprietary branding
  • Pricing: All services are sold wholesale to the partner, without documented MSRPs, enabling the partner to price and package services into their own unique business models
  • PSA integration: Nearly all Relentless IT Solution services feature rich PSA integration options, enabling service automation and labour cost reductions
  • Flexible cloud options: Several Relentless IT Solution product lines feature private cloud deployment options, in addition to public cloud service offerings with data center locations in the United States, Canada, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands for European partners
  • Sales and Marketing: We supports MSPs with sales training, co-marketing initiatives, and numerous customizable sales and marketing tools
  • Support: You’ll benefit from excellent partner onboarding, a named account manager, complete sales and marketing resources, and world-class post-sales support delivered directly from Relentless employees


  • Products: Access to RelentlessBackup and Relentless Cloud to Cloud backup, Relentless File Sync, and Relentless CMX
  • Model: One-, two-, or three-year software licenses, billed by Relentless IT Solutions to the customer, with predetermined profit margin opportunities for VAR partners
  • Solutions: Partners enhance their value to clients by adding cloud data protection and SaaS data management to their existing SaaS deployments and consulting projects. Private cloud file sync solutions are available for privacy-conscious enterprises
  • Deal Registration: Partners that actively promote, sell, and register deals benefit from higher profit margins on registered deals
  • Sales and Marketing: Relentless IT Solutions supports partners with sales training, co-marketing initiatives, and a rich set of customizable sales and marketing tools
  • Support: Partners benefit from complete onboarding and training, a named account manager, and expert pre- and post-sales support from Relentless IT Solutions employees

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