Relentless School Backup

A possible data breach or loss challenges every school. Their are many data retention guidelines and policies ranging from 6 years or until the student reaches 25 years old. Our cloud backup meets the challenges head on with our one cost per site for all backup and retention periods. We don’t charge you per gigabyte as our competitors do.

Data is the lifeblood of every educational establishment and there are countless ways to lose it. When workstations and servers fail or are breached, vital financials, records, or documentation are often lost to serious effect.

Relentless School Backup protects file and folder data with both local and cloud backups. Company data is kept safe and secure and can be downloaded as needed. Scheduling, monitoring and reporting capabilities are instantaneous.

Relentless School Backup Key Benefits

Business Enterprise-grade cloud backup and recovery for protection of files and folders

Scheduling and reporting services for backup monitoring. Our comprehensive detailed reports delivered to your inbox each month give you peace of mind.

Backup of open file types in support of any business environment

Military standard encryption. Will protect you from ransomeware attacks that can bring your school to a standstill.


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Relentless Backup Features


Total data protection

Perform file-level backup of servers, NAS devices, laptops, and workstations on a custom schedule and send those backups to the cloud


Match any server application

Support backups and historical versioning of any file type, including open files generated by Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Oracle, and line of business applications


Deploy in minutes

Install and configure in 10 minutes and instantly provision new accounts for clients through the web-based Relentless backup Management Portal


Restore from the web

Access the Relentless Management Portal and easy-to-use data recovery wizard to explore backups, pinpoint files, and restore files back to a desired location


Support for local network devices

Configure local backups from any file system, such as network drives, and send backups locally to any accessible direct-attach or network file system

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