Today’s retailers are in a unique position.

They can measure, hone, and refine the customer’s in-store experience. By combining Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), Relentless CMX gives store owners the tools they need to optimise their retail space.

Brick and mortar retail represents the largest point of purchase for customers. But some retailers do not fully understand the customer experience in their store. Retailers have fewer opportunities to obtain meaningful analytics, and this makes optimisation much more difficult. It’s therefore much harder to improve the customer journey.


Social Wi-Fi helps you get the most out of your Wi-Fi network. Attract customers and increase average spend by offering simple connectivity within your venue. Our check-in and redirect features turn your Wi-Fi into a powerful social media tool. Start building valuable customer marketing lists today! Clickhere to learn more about Social Wi-Fi.


Campaigns market directly to customers that have opted-in to your Social Wi-Fi network. Our proximity detection capabilities can send customers promotions when they enter or exit your venue. Relentless CMX is your all-in-one location-based mobile marketing solution. Click here to learn more about Campaigns.


Analytics makes it easy to uncover the success of a promotional campaign, establish benchmarks and set clear goals to see the ROI of your marketing initiatives. Discover unique visitors, dwell-times, walk-by conversions and more through our customizable platform.

With Relentless CMX, retailers unlock that missing data. They gain the same level of customer understanding as they do in their digital store. Analytics explain how customers behave, what they experience, and where their pain points lie. Businesses see opportunities to learn, refine, and optimise. The results so far have been astounding.

Relentless CMX lets you measure all kinds of vital metrics, from passing trade to in store conversion rates. This data provides an essential base line for all other business decisions: store placement, marketing ROI, displays, layout and more.

Continued measurement presents unprecedented opportunities, such as fix and effect based measurement, plus A/B split test marketing across multiple stores. Additionally, testing takes less time than traditional, consultancy-based refinement and measurement.

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